MarieJo L'Aventure Gene lingerie set


A positive first experience will help create a healthy attitude towards her body that will last a life time.

It’s an important habit for her to develop and one that will help boost her self-esteem and give her confidence as her body changes and matures. We recognize that many young girls may be shy or embarrassed when they’re developing, so we ensure the privacy necessary, to enable them to enjoy and benefit from this experience!

She’ll love to check out trendy brands which are youthfully styled, to naturally enhance a young woman’s body. We carry a selection of the best, such as Natori, MarieJo and PrimaDonna Twist to name a few.

Book a Bra Fitting Here.

Talking to your daughter about bra-fitting and lingerie.

Liliana's Tips - Enjoy the experience of lingerie shopping together with your daughter. Plan a girl's day out and give her your undivided attention. That means no cell phone or blackberry interruptions. You will both enjoy the experience of lingerie shopping and look forwar to you special "girl's date"!

Explain what a bra-fitting is – It’s a discreet and simple process which should be the foundation of her personal care routine. Help your young teen book her first appointment (accompany her if she is comfortable with that.)

Teach by example – If your bras fit properly, then your daughter will instinctively learn how bras should fit and will shop to get the same result.

Enhance self-confidence – Some girls try to hide their developing breasts, others are self-conscious because they aren’t developing as fast as their peers. Wearing the right bra will support and minimize a fuller bust or add a little enhancement for slower developers.

Enhance health and posture – The right bra offers support to prevent back and headaches and also enhances posture. When she feels better about herself, she’ll stand taller.

Include a chat about breast health, (which naturally goes together with bra buying) – Teach your daughter to do a monthly breast self-exam, so she’s comfortable and familiar with the shape and feel of her breasts in order to detect any changes.

Promote self-esteem – Wearing quality undergarments instills a sense of self-pride. Teach her to wear nice lingerie for herself, not anyone else.

Dress from the inside, out – Explain that what she wears under her clothing is just as important, if not more so, than the clothing itself (a tricky concept for clothes-conscious teens!) The right lingerie makes any outfit look and fit better.

Buy the best you can afford – Just like a good pair of shoes or handbag, it’s wise to purchase the best quality you can.

Caring for delicate lingerie – It’s difficult to get teens to take the time to care for anything let alone lingerie! If you gently hand wash your delicates and hang them to dry, she will learn by example.

Healthy reminders – Wear panties with a cotton gusset for breathability. Wear a sports bra for athletic activities.

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