“Love your lingerie. Treat them well and they will treat you well!”

The following tips will keep delicate undergarments looking newer, longer.

  • Wash bras after every other wear.
  • Hand wash delicates using gentle detergent such as Eucalan or Forever New.
  • If you must wash in a machine, turn delicates inside-out and fasten clasps. Always use a lingerie bag.
  • Hang to dry. Never put lingerie in the dryer.
  • Always fold bras and panties carefully, don't crush them.
  • Stack molded bras in your drawer, to avoid ripples in your cups. Never fold the bra cups inwards.

Watch Liliana Mann as she explains and demonstrates how to wash your bras:

Lili shows us how to lengthen the life of our bras and other delicate lingerie - washing them by hand. Washing your bras (and other lingerie) the proper way will help keep them looking new, for longer.


  1. Wash your bras by hand, every other wear using a small amount of lingerie wash. If washing one bra, you can use a large bowl filled halfway with lukewarm water and a small amount of lingerie wash. Make sure the wash you use is thoroughly mixed and diluted in the water.
  2. Submerge your bra for just a few minutes. Lingerie washes are specially formulated to remove our body oils and any dirt, without damaging the delicate fabrics and lace (there is no need for harsh scrubbing, just let it soak for a little).
  3. Rinse in clean water
  4. Let drip dry or lay flat
  5. Remember not to fold your molded bras, it could damage the shape

Inventory Control

At the beginning of each season taking inventory of your lingerie drawers is well worth the time. Discard old, worn-out styles, that don’t fit properly and the ones you don’t love anymore. (They only take up precious drawer space). Remember to donate your gently used bras!

It’s what’s underneath that counts! Lingerie is the foundation of your wardrobe and shapes the way your clothes look, as well as fit. Liliana's Tips - Wash similar colours together. Delicate fabrics such as lace will absorb dye from dark colours.