Where Parents Talk Interview

Where Parents Talk Interview

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Parent Tips on Bra-fitting for Girls

Where Parents Talk Last week Lianne Castelino, co-host of Rogers TV Parents Talk, contacted me for an interview for the show’s website, Where Parents Talk. I was intrigued and pleased that she was interested in the topic of bra-fitting for young girls. It’s an important parenting topic and one which is not addressed very often. Plus the subject is close to my heart because all of our young daughters will hopefully one day be Linea Intima customers!

I’ve done a ton of interviews, but this was my very first Skype interview. Those who know Lianne, know that she is soft-spoken and extremely pleasant. She can put anyone at ease - so they are willing to spill "their guts"- and tell her anything she asks! Needless to say it was a breeze and I really enjoyed the experience.

Among the many things we discussed, was at what age should mothers (or mother figures) first talk to their daughters about bras and bra-fitting, what type of bras are best for them and how to prepare them for their first personal bra-fitting.

You can watch the video here:

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it. If you have additional questions, please drop me an email at contact@lineaintima.com or better yet, make an appointment with one of our experienced bra-fitters to learn about this important topic firsthand.

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