The Bra-Fitting Debate

The Bra-Fitting Debate

The Bra-Fitting DebateWhile visiting New York City to attend Curves, the large lingerie buyers market, I was invited to attend a very informal, but elegant, cocktail party at Chantelle’s Head Office on Madison Avenue.

The offices are very beautiful and inviting (of course very French) and Sonja Winther, President of Chantelle US and Robert Setlakwe, CEO of St Hilaire, the Canadian importer, were great hosts. The guest list included owners of the better lingerie shops across the United States and Canada. We mingled (glass of bubbly in hand) and naturally the subjects of bras and brand names, customer service and day-to-day operations were the topics of conversation – as they often are at events of this nature. What was interesting and I couldn’t help but notice was, how opinions differed on the subject of bra-fitting methods.

There are those who subscribe to the “tight fitting” method. They strongly believe that a bra has to fit very tightly on the body - no exceptions.
Others criticize this method and believe that a bra should be very loose on the body so the customer doesn’t feel they are even wearing one. To them, comfort is first and foremost, at the expense of a perfect fit.

Where does this leave the customer? (Especially when 92% of them are wearing the wrong bra size.) At the end of the day, it really depends where she goes for a fitting!

At Linea Intima, we have developed the best approach to bra-fitting, which in a way combines both methods: yes, the back of the bra should fit tightly around the rib cage, otherwise it can’t really provide the proper lift and support. Additionally, a tight bra will help to improve posture. Having said that, it should not be so tight that it’s uncomfortable or impedes breathing. Our bra-fitting method combines both of these elements plus, includes “common sense” and “experience” - the two most important attributes of a good bra-fitter.

Our expert bra-fitters explain their fitting strategy, to help the customer understand what the correct end result should be. They also take into consideration the customer’s needs, understand her comfort level, and most important, ultimately choose the perfect bra for her. This bra should also be a style the customer likes best and feels most comfortable in.

Like a friend of mine once said, "A bra will always be your best friend. She will support you, never let you down, will always give you a lift, and never leave you hanging!"

I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject. Also, please email me to set up a bra-fitting appointment - at Linea Intima we want to be your breast friend!


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