CIBC Chocolate Sunday Luncheon

CIBC Chocolate Sunday Luncheon

It takes hours of work and the co-ordinated efforts of many people to make an event the magnitude of CIBC’s Celebration of Hope: Chocolate Sunday Luncheon such a huge success. As a result of this effort and commitment - 800 guests (who gladly paid $125 a ticket) had an absolutely amazing time while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Arriving at the elegant Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre we first found our table assignment, then along with the other guests, spent time shopping the many stores which were set-up exclusively for the event.

Just past noon we entered the beautifully decorated hall – which felt like an elegant wedding!

Erin Davis and Liliana Mann

CHFI radio celebrity Erin Davis was the MC. She was so entertaining, elegant and eloquent. We loved her sharp wit - "Do you know what coffee, chocolate and men have in common? They are all much better rich!" She even sang (and she was quite good).

Her friendship with Allan Bell, the driving-force behind the event, was very evident. If Allan wasn’t laughing then he was crying – both sad and happy tears!

They were hilarious on-stage together bantering back and forth. But there were times when their stories brought tears - especially for Allan, who lost his sister to breast cancer.

The Chocolate Sunday Luncheon program was jam-packed and included Motown-inspired music artists and TV actor Christian LeBlanc star of Young and the Restless who helped with the fundraising auction.

We all applauded when The 2014 Hope Award was presented to Dr. Alexandra Ginty, Family Physican, Author of "Both Sides", and double breast cancer survivor.

It was an exciting time bidding on the TA TA Celebrity Bra Designer Silent Auction. Linea Intima was thrilled to place the winning bids for the beautiful Erin Davis and Frankie Flowers (Breakfast Television) bra designs. They will have the perfect home at Linea Intima and will each spend shared display time among our stores.

Not to be forgotten – the food, wine and chocolate desert were absolutely delicious.

I cannot think of a more uplifting way to spend my Sunday than to be among women linked by a common cause - the fight to conquer breast cancer. What a fun and heartfelt way to join together!

Allan Bell and Liliana

It is such a powerful feeling when you give to others and at the same time receive so much in return. I honestly feel when you thank Allan for everything he does to organize this event – he thanks YOU just as much if not more!

Here’s a link to photos of the CIBC Chocolate Sunday Luncheon 2014.

We can’t wait to participate again next year!


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