Bra Hoarding

Bra Hoarding

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A study shows that women have, on average, 10 or more bras in their lingerie drawer!

But the question is: how many of those bras actually see the light-of-day (or after-dark activity)? Online chats, discuss the fact that we wear very few of the bras we own.

Let's be honest - most of us are bra hoarders. We buy a bra because our friend says she loves it, because it was ‘on sale’, or because “it was so pretty I couldn’t resist”. We buy a bra because a celebrity wears it, or because it’s the style/size we’ve always bought.

The result is, we end up with a drawer full of bras that are rarely or never worn; but we can’t part with them because they’re practically new!

So ladies, here’s the order to break this cycle, essentially, you have to have more respect for your bras!

It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf; to let go of your bra hoarding ways. I know you can do it!

Start today, to look at your relationship with your bras in a whole new light. A good bra is your breast friend. It’s a close ally which, even on a bad day, will make you look good. It will never let you down (no pun intended) and will always be there to support you, to improve your posture as well as boost your self-confidence.

So, make this resolution – “I will only buy the right bras from now on”. Adopt a less-is-more attitude - it’s liberating (not to mention cost effective!). I think it’s far better to have fewer bras in your lingerie drawer, each fulfilling a specific need – and doing so, in style!

Truly the best investment you can make for your wardrobe, is to start with the proper foundation!


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