I’ve always admired South Asian culture – the colourful saris and spectacular dancing, but I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about South Asian fashion.

So when the host of OMNI television’s Bollywood Blvd., Veronica Chail, booked a bra-fitting and an interview with me - I knew I had to do some homework to get prepared!

I was lucky to have my assistant Jennifer, at our Bayview Village location, give me an intensive crash course on South Asian fashion requirements. As it turns out, the sari is an intricate piece of clothing. The top part is doubled and has a series of little darts which hold and push the bust forward. A seamed bra with good support, which enhances the projection of the bust, is the key to a perfect fit – one that truly accentuates the sari wearer’s beautiful, bare midriff and waist.

Veronica is not only a great interviewer – she’s gorgeous! She was fascinated by the many different styles of bras and the important function - to not only improve your look and the way your clothes fit, but also to provide support and comfort.

She loved the concept of Linea Intima’s 6 S’s of a bra wardrobe - seamless, seamed, strapless, sport, sexy and splunge and in fact she suggested the addition of a 7th - SARI!

Not surprisingly - she was among the high percentage of women who are not sure about their bra size – so it was my pleasure to help her discover her correct size as well as the wide choice of styles we had available for her.

Our new breast friends, Veronica and her wardrobe consultant, were thrilled!

The interview will air on OMNI sometime in the New Year. We’ll keep you posted on the day and time!


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