Saxx Men's Underwear

Saxx Men's Underwear

Saxx Men’s UnderwearTo be honest, I’ve always thought lingerie is as much a pleasure for a man as it is for a woman and can never understand women who find it hard to justify spending money on a beautiful bra and panty set. When I hear, "I have nobody to admire it", I always feel like saying, "You should be your first priority on the list of people you want to impress”.

I also believe that the gift of lingerie is as much for the partner as it is for the one wearing it - it should not only be comfortable but also pleasing to all the senses - for both of you!

I point these facts out to illustrate that there has always been a place at Linea Intima for men, whether shopping for lingerie as a gift, or appreciating lingerie worn by the women in their lives.

But now I can really say Linea Intima is for both genders, with the introduction of SAXX, underwear for the man who wants the ultimate in comfort and who appreciates fine quality. It’s going to be fun and interesting serving our new customer – unlike many women, I doubt they’ll ever come in asking for a minimizer…LOL.

Saxx is a Canadian brand which is sold around the world, in better menswear and lingerie stores. I’m amazed at the brand’s notoriety – during a recent CNN report about Prince Harry’s nude photos, the anchorman said, “this is a Saxx picture moment"!

The brand’s clever marketing points out that, “there are a lot of choices when it comes to the right choice”. The four styles in the line are described as: Luxury (For the man who is confident and comfortable in his own skin.), Ultra (You’ll forget you're wearing them.), Fiesta (A burst of colour if you get caught with your pants down.) and Vibe (Ultra soft comfort that wicks away moisture.).

So now you can enjoy a whole new lingerie shopping experience at Linea Intima. When you shop for yourself - pick up a pair of SAXX for your partner. He will love them and return to buy some more, and in doing so, will return the favour and buy you something!


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