Protect Your Investment: Lingerie Care Tips

Protect Your Investment: Lingerie Care Tips

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alt="Protect Your Investment: Lingerie Care Tips"Here is my ‘guest blog’ that I wrote for Eucalan’s website this month.

We have a ‘rule’ at Linea Intima: to always explain to our customers the importance of washing their fine lingerie.

If you want to protect your investment then your delicates should be washed frequently, for example, a bra after every two times it’s worn. Most people aren’t very happy with the idea and are often concerned that a bra that’s washed too frequently won’t last as long. Those of us in the industry know this is a myth - in fact, lingerie that’s laundered properly lasts much longer!

In our stores, I go out of my way to help customers understand this and have a very descriptive way of explaining it. I use the analogy of hosiery and how it takes on the shape of the foot when it’s worn, but after washing, it goes right back to its original shape. But do you know what really gets their attention and makes them want to follow our washing ‘rule’? When they learn that they can use Eucalan, which doesn’t require rinsing! Everybody is thrilled to cut the job in half – wash and hang to dry, how great is that?!

My favourite scent of Eucalan is Grapefruit. I like the colour, I like the smell, and I like how my clean delicates feel afterwards. To tell you the truth, it makes me hand wash more often now myself!

I always pack a travel size Eucalan in my suitcase to keep my lingerie wardrobe in pristine condition when I’m on-the-go. Here are some of my favourite summer lingerie styles which also make great travel options. As you know, I am not only the bra club president, I am also a customer!

My new 5’S of a bra wardrobe for this summer are:

Seamless Bra - Marlies Dekker, Dame de Paris #15421

Seamed Bra – MarieJo Carole #010-1615

Strapless Bra - Simone Pérèle, Celeste #12M304

Sports Bra - Anita Extreme Sports #5527, in the Olympic colours

Sexy Bra – Aubade, Idylle Parisienne #V114.

5 S's

And of course I can’t forget to mention a matching panty for each bra. I do practice what I preach...!


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