Matching Bra Dilemmas!

Matching Bra Dilemmas!

I know my staff think that I watch a lot of TV, because I’m always telling them about something I saw – most often lingerie related of course. But, the truth is I don’t watch that much, it just seems like I do because I have TV-lingerie-karma. Whenever I do turn on the box, sure enough I catch something lingerie related – go figure!

Primadonna DeauvilleSo it wasn’t surprising this morning, when I was spinning around the dial looking for a weather update that I came across The Mom Show. Catherine Marion was discussing the fact that she’s fixated on always matching her bra and panty. (Love to hear that…thought I was the most obsessive bra and panty matcher!). She was sharing her frustration about getting dressed in the morning with a gorgeous matching set, only to arrive at the studio and find out that she has to change her top. (Resulting in a top that doesn't match the bra – her worst nightmare come true.) Or, at night she’ll select a beautiful duo to wear out on the town, only to change her mind about the outfit, meaning extra time to change her lingerie – time-consuming and frustrating.

I feel her pain and imagine many others like us suffer from this dilemma as well – so here are some suggestions to make life easier for the matched-lingerie obsessed in the world.

Marlies DekkersFirst of all, relax…take a deep breath, even I sometimes wear a black panty to match.

But, here’s one solution. Today’s lingerie styles are too pretty to cover up and the runway trend is to show them off, so choose a set that suits your fancy and an outfit tha If this solution is like nails on a chalkboard to you, try this instead. Choose a matched lingerie set and don’t worry if one of them doesn’t match the top or bottom of your outfit– as long as the bra and panty match each other, that’s what’s important, right?t works for the day’s activities and don’t worry if they match each other, wear them because you LOVE them! the pant and a white bra to match the top (mind you, I am uneasy throughout the day knowing my under-ensemble is not perfect).

Primadonna PerleAnother helpful thing to remember is that nude and neutral shades go with pretty much anything. The best part about this tip is that there are many shades that fit into each category – pink, peach and even red (yes, red!) are considered new nudes and look great under white; while neutrals like grey, navy and brown are considered the new black – lots of choice to match everyone’s skin tone and wardrobe.

There…now aren’t you glad that I watched TV this morning?!


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