Back Fat Dilemma

Back Fat Dilemma

back fat rollsIt’s interesting - the first thing many women look at when trying on a new bra is their back – to see if they can see any ‘back fat’. It makes me wonder if they’re buying the bra for breast support or to eliminate back fat!

I think we are all influenced, to some degree, by the models we see in ads and TV commercials, but remember those women don’t have back fat - because they don’t have any fat to begin with, (or it has disappeared courtesy of the airbrush)! In fact, the bra isn’t even supporting their breasts, because in many cases, they don’t need the support, since their girls aren’t the ‘originals’. Not a good example for you to follow!

Natural breasts are made of fat and glandular tissue which need to be lifted and supported, to help take the weight off your back and shoulders, and to improve your posture and appearance. The right bra, properly fitted, is the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe and its primary function is to achieve this critical balance. It’s as much about your health and well-being as it is about your looks.

If your breasts are heavy (and this is true for small sizes too), or if you are a size D or larger, here’s a tip - check in the mirror, and if the band of your bra sits in a straight line from front to back, then it’s sitting right.

And now back to the topic of back fat. A good bra can and will help eliminate some of that. But at the end of the day, camouflaging back fat isn’t your bra’s main job, breast support is. So concentrate on the support and don’t stress about the back fat – the most important thing is that the front looks amazing!

p.s. … You can always rely on an extra layer of clothing and stand up straighter. Both will help eliminate that pesky back fat!


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