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Want to rev up your inner sex goddess?

The Lifestyle Report writer Toni-Marie Ippolito recently published an article on October 2nd titled "Take a trip to the Underworld and unleash Your Inner Vamp with Gorgeous Lingerie".

Here is a little snippet from the article...

There’s no question that vampires are in fashion. But sexy vamp characters like Pam from True Blood, and newborn vamps Bella from Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and Elena from The Vampire Diaries have taken things to a whole new level of sexy.

Having their own style—from the super siren to incredibly timid to the vulnerable come hither—every woman can identify with each of these characters’ sexy persona. So what would these powerful women wear underneath their clothing? This new crop of lingerie, from Linea Intima, will rev up your inner sex goddess and make you feel instantly beautiful.

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