May Promotion: Anniversary Draw Winners

May Promotion: Anniversary Draw Winners

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Anne Klein - NightshirtAs you may know, we're celebrating 15 fantastic years in the bra biz with a monthly Anniversary Draw!

We LOVE what we do and want to pass that love on to you with exciting monthly draws for luxurious lingerie.

During the month of May, 21 lucky customers were selected through our purchasing database system to win an Anne Klein nightshirt, in her signature lion print. Prize valued at $75.00.

And the winners are...

Francesca Decina, Dianne Leon, Christine Rae , Nancy Thompson, Phong Tran, Violet Price, Patricia Pinfold, Susan Ridgnay, Roberta McCarthy, Johanna Schneider, Lada Tarassova, Navjot Madray, Shannon Wijnker, Kate Gutteridge, Shelley Charlton, Adele Salvagno, Elizabeth Huddart, Cora Stewart, Lilian Sevadijian, Gail Kavanagh and Tanya Patterson.

Check back monthly for the announcement of each month's special prize.

Happy Anniversary to us...and breast of luck to you!


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