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    At a recent visit to the optometrist, while my glasses were being adjusted as they need to be once in a while to improve the fit – I had a “lightbulb” moment … we offer the same "tune-up" service at Linea Intima for bras, but I think very few of you know about it!

    As you wear your bra day after day, similar to your glasses, parts of it tend to stretch – like the band, which you can adjust with the hooks yourself. But the straps also stretch out and as a result your bra doesn’t quite fit or support the way it did when you bought it. We want to remind you that you can bring any bra into Linea Intima and we will gladly adjust the straps and improve how it fits. OR so it fits like new once again. Yes … even the bras you didn’t purchase from us! It’s a good idea to do this a couple of times over the course of a year to help maintain the perfect fit, a cornerstone of our customer service.

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  • CIBC Chocolate Sunday Luncheon

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    It takes hours of work and the co-ordinated efforts of many people to make an event the magnitude of CIBC’s Celebration of Hope: Chocolate Sunday Luncheon such a huge success. As a result of this effort and commitment - 800 guests (who gladly paid $125 a ticket) had an absolutely amazing time while supporting a worthwhile cause.

    Arriving at the elegant Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre we first found our table assignment, then along with the other guests, spent time shopping the many stores which were set-up exclusively for the event.

    Just past noon we entered the beautifully decorated hall – which felt like an elegant wedding!

    Erin Davis and Liliana Mann

    CHFI radio celebrity Erin Davis was the MC. She was so entertaining, elegant and eloquent. We loved her sharp wit - "Do you know what coffee, chocolate and men have in common? They are all much better rich!" She even sang (and she was quite good).

    Her friendship with Allan Bell, the driving-force behind the event, was very evident. If Allan wasn’t laughing then he was crying – both sad and happy tears!

    They were hilarious on-stage together bantering back and forth. But there were times when their stories brought tears - especially for Allan, who lost his sister to breast cancer.

    The Chocolate Sunday Luncheon program was jam-packed and included Motown-inspired music artists and TV actor Christian LeBlanc star of Young and the Restless who helped with the fundraising auction.

    We all applauded when The 2014 Hope Award was presented to Dr. Alexandra Ginty, Family Physican, Author of "Both Sides", and double breast cancer survivor.

    It was an exciting time bidding on the TA TA Celebrity Bra Designer Silent Auction. Linea Intima was thrilled to place the winning bids for the beautiful Erin Davis and Frankie Flowers (Breakfast Television) bra designs. They will have the perfect home at Linea Intima and will each spend shared display time among our stores.

    Not to be forgotten – the food, wine and chocolate desert were absolutely delicious.

    I cannot think of a more uplifting way to spend my Sunday than to be among women linked by a common cause - the fight to conquer breast cancer. What a fun and heartfelt way to join together!

    Allan Bell and Liliana

    It is such a powerful feeling when you give to others and at the same time receive so much in return. I honestly feel when you thank Allan for everything he does to organize this event – he thanks YOU just as much if not more!

    Here’s a link to photos of the CIBC Chocolate Sunday Luncheon 2014.

    We can’t wait to participate again next year!


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  • Bayview Anniversary & Fundraising Party 

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    There is a saying that goes … Use any excuse to have a party! This past week we did just the opposite - The party we threw was the excuse! It was our Bayview Village store’s 10th anniversary – and to celebrate we hosted a party, not only to mark a successful decade in the bra business at this location, but to also raise funds for the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation’s Breast Cancer Centre and Chemotherapy Clinic.

    My friend Allan Bell, who spearheads the Foundation, asked for Linea Intima’s help to provide bras for this year’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Designer Silent Auction. With the help of our generous suppliers, Amoena and Simone Pérèle, we donated 12 bras for the celebrities to embellish with their own personal "creative stamp". Each design masterpiece was auctioned at this year’s CIBC Foundation of Hope: Chocolate Sunday Luncheon, to raise much needed financial support for Allan’s Hospital Foundation. Our ten year celebration at the Bayview Village store was the perfect opportunity (excuse) to showcase some of the celebrity bra designs, help promote the Chocolate Sunday event and at the same time raise funds, together with our customers, in support of a great cause. 


    That evening, we rolled out the red carpet, raised a glass of bubbly to the success of our store, enjoyed a macaron or two and successfully raised $340. Linea Intima had committed to double the donation total – but instead we decided to round it up to a nice even figure of $1,000 – which I presented to Allan Bell at the Chocolate Sunday Luncheon on October 26th. It was our best store anniversary party ever! Thanks so much to each of you who donated – together we always accomplish great things. Liliana

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  • Linea Intima for Toni Plus

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    Fashionable one-stop shopping and stylish support for plus size women! We are always looking for new ways to offer our knowledgeable bra-fitting service to women, so when the owner of Toni Plus approached me to open a plus size lingerie department at her Sherway Gardens shopping mall location – I said YES!

    It is a marriage made in heaven so to speak – both Linea Intima and Toni Plus have the same customer service philosophy with highly trained associates and both carry top-quality fashion labels that not only mirror the latest trends but also offer a figure-flattering fit.

    Liliana discussing Empreinte's Thalia bra with CityLine“We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to enhance the fit and look of our designer fashions with the perfect lingerie, expertly fitted by Linea Intima specialists,” our partner, Toni Plus Founder and President Toni Tiraborelli, says.  “Our passion is plus size fashion and Linea Intima brings that same passion to plus size foundations.”

    As you know, I've always maintained, what you wear under your outfit is as important as the clothing itself and the perfect fitting bra is the secret to looking and feeling your absolute best. We couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to offer this experience to the Toni Plus customer!

    Toni Plus Sherway’s new Linea Intima Intimates plus size department will include our most popular European brands which all of you love – each designed to provide serious shape and support for curvaceous figures - PrimaDonna, Empreinte and Simone Pérèle bras, shapewear and panties.

    We will also be adding new exclusive merchandise to our Toni Plus Sherway location – specially designed plus size sleepwear, silks, robes and caftans as well as new bra collections that extend our plus range from 38-44, B-C and 36-44, D-I up to a size 48 and a J cup. We will also carry sexy panties up to 5X and shapely swimwear up to size 24.

    We recently threw a media party to introduce our new partnership to Toronto’s top plus size fashion bloggers as well as editors from DARE and Fashion magazines. TV cameras from Cityline and Rogers Etobicoke Now came to capture the exciting evening. We’ll keep you posted when our event segment airs on Cityline and Etobicoke Now but in the meantime, check out what our guests had to say on social media.

    My Curves and Curls wrote a fabulous blog about attending our event here.

    If you missed our CH Morning Live plus size fashion and lingerie segment with me and Toni Plus fashion spokesperson, Diana Di Poce you can watch it here.

    We look forward to getting to know all of our new Sherway customers…please visit us soon!


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  • Liliana Mann’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Design Q&A Series

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    As was mentioned in my previous blog, Allan Bell from the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation asked me recently if we could supply bras for its TA TA Bra Design Silent Auction. Linea Intima is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer initiatives every October, so of course I said “YES!”

    The TA TA Bra Design Silent Auction benefits the annual CIBC Celebration of Hope for Markham Stouffville Hospital’s Breast Health Centre and Chemotherapy Clinic.

    I had the privilege of getting the inside scoop from some of the designers on their design inspiration and their experience as a Bra Designer. I will be sharing these on my blog, leading up to this year’s CIBC Celebration of Hope: Chocolate Sunday Luncheon on October 26th. I hope you will attend this amazing event and support this worthwhile cause.

    Don’t forget to bid on one of our TA TA Designer Bras!

    Liliana’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Designer Q&A with CHFI’s Erin Davis, Emcee of the Chocolate Sunday Luncheon.

    Liliana: What was the hardest part and the easiest part of designing your bra?

    Erin Davis: The hardest part - actually getting going!  I had ordered some felt pieces online, and they never arrived (grrrrr...) so I had to switch from a "donut" theme (must've been hungry when I came up with it) to something a little Disney.  I decided on "Under the C".  The second hardest part: finding 8 hours to do it, but the easiest was doing it once I'd started - the inspiration just kept flowing until it was done!

    Liliana: How long did it take?

    Erin Davis:  - 8 hours.  I had help from my husband who ended up as totally covered in sparkles as I did (and the cleanup took about another hour, because there were sparkles everywhere!) but where Allan Bell and any request through him is concerned, it's never too much.

    Liliana: What’s your favourite element of the design?

    Erin Davis: My favourite element is that it looks like a Vegas Mermaid outfit.  I wanted it to look like an ocean fantasy from the rhinestones and pearls (to look like bubbles) to the blingy starfish that adorns the centre, and real starfish that are on the straps.  Tiny shells are dotted on the "foam" at the top of the cups - so that it all combines for a lovely (if not slightly busy) ocean scene.  The "C" of course, is my bra cup size...the play on "sea" was actually what inspired the whole design.

    Liliana: Did you have someone in mind when you designed your bra? Is there any special significance to your design, in addition to the fact it’s helping raise funds for breast cancer?

    Erin Davis: Actually, Allan (Bell) was in my mind when I designed this.  Because of his close association with breast cancer (of which his sister Lesley passed away) I wanted it to be something that he'd be proud to say his friend Erin made.  I didn't want to look like I grabbed a glue gun and slapped something together.  I made it with love and opted to forgo the pink of breast cancer this time.  I mean, this is the ocean, baby!

    Erin Davis's "before" and "after" of her bra

    Erin Davis's "before" and "after" of her bra

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