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    At a recent visit to the optometrist, while my glasses were being adjusted as they need to be once in a while to improve the fit – I had a “lightbulb” moment … we offer the same "tune-up" service at Linea Intima for bras, but I think very few of you know about it!

    As you wear your bra day after day, similar to your glasses, parts of it tend to stretch – like the band, which you can adjust with the hooks yourself. But the straps also stretch out and as a result your bra doesn’t quite fit or support the way it did when you bought it. We want to remind you that you can bring any bra into Linea Intima and we will gladly adjust the straps and improve how it fits. OR so it fits like new once again. Yes … even the bras you didn’t purchase from us! It’s a good idea to do this a couple of times over the course of a year to help maintain the perfect fit, a cornerstone of our customer service.

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  • Experience the Beauty of a French Lingerie Set

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    Celeste in BlackcurrantNorth American women often envy their European counterparts - especially the French.  We romanticize about everything they do.  We imagine them sitting at outside cafés on the streets of Paris and skirting around cars on their Vespas.

    The Parisian woman is confident, strong, and seductive. She knows that the secret to great style and looking your best is to dress well from the inside, out.  For her, matching bra and panty sets are a must and French women will purchase at least two matching panties for each bra!

    A new bra will most certainly make your clothes fit better and give you more confidence by making you look younger and thinner. But a matching panty is the icing on the cake so-to-speak – the extra special detail that gives your inner confidence an extra little boost.  As I always say, “It's something that only you (and a lucky partner) can see, but everyone will notice!” And it’s why our Linea Intima lingerie experts always encourage you to buy matching panties to go with your bra.

    Caressence in Azalea 

    It’s no secret we’re passionate about matching sets – I’ve written about it before here and in our Newsletter. So in case you’re still not convinced about their benefits, our June special offer just might help.

    This month when you purchase a Simone Pérèle bra, you get the matching panty for 50% off!

    During Simone Pérèle month at Linea Intima, we want you to experience the beauty of a luxurious French lingerie set, and feel the same confidence that French women have for generations.

    I’d love to hear how much you enjoy your new Simone Pérèle matching set and whether you notice a difference in how you feel wearing it - please drop me a note.



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  • Mother's Day Promotion

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    Give Mom the “Breast” Gift Ever!

    Celebrate Mother’s Day together with some girl time, a Linea Intima bra-fitting and a new bra.

    Book an appointment for you and your Mother to experience the benefits of the perfect bra.

    Plus, make it extra special with our limited edition, Linea Intima Mother’s Day $125 Gift Certificate – which only costs you $100!

    This Mother’s Day, your $100 equals $125 at Linea Intima. Offer ends Sunday May 11th, 2014. No expiry date on gift certificates.

    Linea Intima gift certificate

    Purchase in-store or by phone.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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  • Win a Birks Pearl Necklace During Empreinte Month

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    All About Empreinte

    For nearly 70 years, Empreinte has been perfecting the design of its bras, evolving the fit and detailing to meet the ever-changing needs of the woman who looks to Empreinte to make her look and feel her best.

    Empreinte Grace 

    Empreinte’s new, delicate lace embellished, Grace collection is inspired by the distinctly glamourous flair of the French Riviera and the princess who epitomized its luxurious Dolce Vita lifestyle.

    Empreinte May Contest

    Linea Intima has partnered with Empreinte on a very special offer this month, because we want you to feel every-inch-a-princess when you wear the new Grace bra or any Empreinte bra.

    With every Empreinte bra you purchase in May,

    you will be automatically entered into our draw for the chance to win a beautiful Birk’s pearl necklace, valued at approximately $600.

    Good luck!



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  • We dare you to take the PrimaDonna challenge!

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    Marie Jo L'Aventure Gene Available in Blue and Honey 30C-E, 32B-38E $134 Available at our Bayview, London and Oakville locations
    Marie Jo L'Aventure Gene
    Available in Blue and Honey
    30C-E, 32B-38E $134
    Available at our Bayview, London and Oakville locations

    PrimaDonna lingerie has been devoted to women's natural curves since 1895. Each collection's design is so intricate that each bra requires between 40 and 50 stages of assembly! In 1990, PrimaDonna and Marie Jo joined forces. Marie Jo had been established for only 9 years by this point, but it was already known for its transparency, airiness and delicate embroidery.

    Though many years have passed since both brands began, they still stay true to their roots. PrimaDonna bras are now available up to an I cup, and each season Marie Jo dedicates many styles to beautiful lace and embroidery.

    This April, we dare you to “take the PrimaDonna challenge!” Visit any of our locations and try on a PrimaDonna or Marie Jo bra from the Spring 2014 collections and receive $10 off all your PrimaDonna and Maire Jo bras. Visit our Pinterest board to view some of the styles we have in store.

    See you soon!

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