Seamless Bras

Seamless Bras

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Seamless BrasThe majority of women who come into our stores, want a seamless bra and are adamant that it’s the only style of bra to wear. Why? They always tell me “they don’t want the bra to show”. (Very few women want attention directed to their chest.)

I’m always amazed by this statement and this aversion to bra seams. Don’t get me wrong, I love seamless bras and there’s no doubt that for many people, they are the best choice under knits and clingy fabrics. And, I agree that every bra should provide support without disrupting the look of an outfit. But at the end of the day, what’s more important, a bra that fits and supports properly (so what if a seam shows) or a bra that doesn’t enhance your shape (but by golly there’s not a seam to be seen!)?

The truth is, if you are a size D and up, you would most likely benefit from wearing a more form-fitting, seamed bra. Here’s why.

  • It provides more superior support and better lift than a seamless bra.
  • It defines and improves your shape, especially under fitted clothing, and any style with darts, such as dresses and jackets.
  • It camouflages and evens out your shape when both breasts aren’t the same size (which is true for most people).

Wacoal Nipple CoverWhat I can tell anyone with a seam-phobia, is that once the bra is worn and laundered two or three times, the seams soften and all but disappear.

To really smooth things out, no matter what style of bra you’re wearing, I recommend trying Wacoal’s nipple covers. Their wider size really works well to keep nipples under wraps AND they help give a smoother look when worn inside a seamed bra.

When push comes to shove, what matters most is that you wear the right bra. If that means that a seam shows a little here or there, so be it. Everyone should be wearing the bra with the best fit and support

- that’s the bottom…er…top line!


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