Celebrate Canada all month with fabulous Canadian designers

Celebrate Canada all month with fabulous Canadian designers

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Although we carry many European brands, we are proud of our Canadian designers and here are our favorites:

Christine Vancouver was the first line of silk lingerie both designed and manufactured in Canada. We work closely with the fabulous Christine Morton, the owner and creative force behind the label. We love all her collection and we are so proud and excited when we get the special groups, created exclusive to Linea Intima. Her silks have been featured in numerous television shows and movies. Fans of the brand include Ophra, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Hendricks and Katie Holmes.

Christine Enchanted Robe

Montreal-based lingerie and ready-to-wear brand Arianne have been known for the affordable high-quality sleepwear and daywear for over sixty years. Their beautiful camis specifically have been a great seller in our stores and come in a wide range of colours. Perfect to wear with a blazer for the office, a skirt on date night and jeans for a casual outing with friends.


Fortnight Lingerie is still relatively new-only four years old, but has already generated a huge following. The romantic, vintage-inspired lingerie has been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Fashion Magazine and GQ. The minimalistic look of their long-line bras and slip dresses caters to the niche market that is looking for something other than the padded push-up bras found in chair retail stores. Fortnight is designed and manufactured right here in Toronto!

Fortnight Luna

Family-owned and operated company Diamond Tea was founded in Montreal in 1920. Their extensive line of top quality women's robes and loungewear are designed and manufactured in Canada using the finest fabrics and trims. In the early years, Diamond Tea primarily made hostess gowns and bathrobes, later branching out to include a full range of loungewear, robes and casual wear. Loyal customers of this brand at our store love the glamorous long wrap and zip robes. The new beech wear line is a great addition to the mix of the quality line.

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