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Linea Intima offers a kinder, gentler mastectomy service, combined with the expertise to deliver the perfect results. We feel this is one of the most important services we provide. Here are some facts about mastectomy fitting:

A mastectomy fitting should achieve two key results. Physically, it should restore balance to the body and emotionally, a sense of normalcy and improved self-esteem.

The Ontario Government pays a percentage of the cost of a prosthesis.. why? Not only to improve physical appearance, but mainly because it’s a health issue. The government recognizes the importance of a prosthesis to your health and well-being.

The important first step is a bra-fitting. Once it’s determined which bra size fits the best, only then can the right prosthesis be selected to match the healthy breast. Since 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, the logical starting point is an expert bra-fitting.

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Balance is an important element. Body alignment is critical to good health and when weight is lost on one side, a prosthesis should be worn to compensate. If the balance is off, then the body’s alignment will shift position, which can affect back muscles, posture and digestion.

Each woman’s situation is different. This requires an expert evaluation and often some creativity in the solution. Every procedure is not straightforward. Someone who has had a radical mastectomy on one side and a lumpectomy on the other will need two different prostheses to attain the proper fit and balance. Diversity in the products available now, allows us to fine-tune and individually address, each woman’s special requirements.

A prosthesis should be worn all the time. This is true not only for physical appearance, but most importantly, for health reasons. Because most women will wear their prosthesis to medical checkups, doctors and nurses may not think to mention how important it is to always wear it everyday.

Feminine bras are a welcome option. In addition to traditional mastectomy bras, which are similar to athletic bras, some regular style bras can be adapted to fit a prosthesis. This offers you the option to select fashionable colours, delicate lace fabrics and pretty feminine details.

It is beneficial to keep up with improvements in mastectomy products. They make a world of difference and can help achieve a natural look and feel.

Prostheses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and colours. There are products to fit left, right, firm, saggy, symmetrical, asymmetrical and styles suited to different activities and facets of a busy lifestyle. All help to achieve optimal results.

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