Bra Basics

Everything you’ve every wanted to know about bras but didn’t know who to ask!

tape measureWhat should I expect from a professional bra-fitting?

Our expert bra-fitting consultants will first take the correct measurements to determine your bra size, and then will ask about individual figure concerns, lifestyle needs and personal style preferences. They will then recommend one bra/style for you to try on, will discreetly check the fit and then give recommendations to help you select the perfect bra wardrobe.

How long does a bra-fitting take?

The entire process can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. A thorough fitting should never be rushed! A comfortable setting is key to a positive bra-fitting experience and our consultants will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. A good bra-fitting should provide knowledge, insight and self-awareness, so that you leave the store looking and feeling your best, thanks to your new bras.

Why is a professional bra-fitting so important?

Statistically 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! The breast is not a muscle, it is delicate glandular tissue which, whether large or small, needs to be supported, especially as we age. A properly fitted bra can help reduce back pain and headaches for large breasted women, and can help improve posture, overall appearance and enhance self-esteem for all women. The right undergarments play an important role in helping to enhance how your clothes fit and look on your body.

How often should I have a bra-fitting?

We recommend that you have one every year. Breast size and shape fluctuates continually throughout our life for many reasons such as diet, weight change, exercise, medications, pregnancy, menopause or illness.

What are the signs that my bra doesn’t fit properly?
removing a brasigns that a bra doesn't fit properly

  • You can’t wait to take your bra off!
  • The wires hurt = the band is too small or the bra sits too low on the ribcage.
  • The wires poke on the side = a larger band or cup size is needed.
  • The middle front rides up away from the body = cups are too small.
  • The shoulders hurt = more support is needed with a smaller band and larger cups or a style with wider or padded straps.
  • Straps fall off the shoulders = they need to be tightened, they have lost elasticity or your shoulders may be sloped, requiring a bra with straps that are closer together at the back.
  • The band rides up = it’s either too big or has lost elasticity.

Liliana's Tipsproper positioning of the breasts

What is the proper positioning of the breasts?
They should sit mid-way between the shoulder and elbow.

What’s the right way to put on my bra?
Bend forward and ‘wiggle’ breasts into the bra cups.

What benefits does the right bra provide?

  • Smooths and shapes breasts, giving a sleeker line to enhance the fit of clothing.
  • Supports breasts comfortably, improving posture and helping to ease discomfort from headache and back pain.
  • Makes breasts appear smaller, resulting in a taller, leaner appearance for larger women.
  • Instantly makes you look like you’ve lost 10 pounds!
  • Lifts and supports breasts, giving a more youthful appearance.
  • Makes breasts appear larger and fuller, adding shapely curves for smaller women.

Your bra fits perfectly when…
how a properly fitted bra looks from the side

  • The band lies straight, around the front and back of the body.
  • The center of the bra lies flat against the breastbone, separating the breasts.
  • The underwires do not cut or poke into the breast tissue.
  • The sides lie smoothly without binding or cutting. If wired – wires don’t hurt.
  • The straps support comfortably without slipping off or cutting into the shoulders.
  • The cups fit smoothly without wrinkles or any overflow (double boob effect).
  • The band is closed at the back on the loosest hook – allowing for use of the tighter hooks as the bra ‘gives’ with wear – which also helps your bra last longer.

Don’t buy a bra without trying it on, even if you’ve worn the style before. Here’s why:

  • The smallest difference (like another dye colour) can make a BIG difference to the fit.
  • Your weight may have changed or shifted.
  • You’ve become used to the feel of a ‘relaxed’ bra and need to familiarize yourself with the feel of a new bra that’s not ‘broken in’.
  • A bra-fitting expert will need to adjust the straps to your liking.


Bra Wardrobe

What are the ‘5 S’s of a Bra Wardrobe’ and why should I have one?
A bra wardrobe ensures a proper selection of undergarments to enhance different styles of clothing. Similar to a selection of shoes, you need bras that serve different purposes for different occasions, and enhance different styles of clothing.


Gives a smooth rounded shape under knits, T-shirts and sweaters.


Gives a more defined shape that helps fill out darts, enhances tailoring and improves fit under blouses, jackets and dresses.

Strapless (Convertible)

Strapless (Convertible)
Appropriate under revealing garments that are strapless or have a low-back, halter neckline or spaghetti straps.


Needs no explanation! But also gives figure-enhancing curves under low-cut garments.


Gives support under activewear. Sports bras should be replaced as often as athletic shoes because intensive wear, perspiration and laundering causes them to wear out quickly.

Specialty items are the ‘extras’ that complete a bra wardrobe and are chosen as budgets permit, because of a fashion trend or simply because you desire it!